Your Own Dreams Denied: Please Your Mistress



No one has ever entered your quiet sleeping world before. The world you escape to each night, shutting out everyone, until now. Now it is time to please your Mistress.

“I know you are there, so being silent will do you no good.” My voice invades your silence and shatters your defenses. “You did not truly believe that you could escape me. It was you who gave me the key to enter here. Your need outweighs your fear, as it always has.”

You stand stock still in hopes that I will not be able to find you in the darkness, but the brush of my hand against your cheek tells you otherwise.

“I will always find you. Your need calls to me. It is like blood rushing through my veins. Your hard cock is like a beacon that you cannot shut off. I have complete control over your cock.”

The feel of my warm hand drifting across that hungry dick is enough to make your knees go weak. You can feel the heat from my body as I lean against your back and let my hands play over your body.

Without My Touch You Cannot Dream

“Why do you sit in the dark? Could it be that without my touch you are not capable of such a simple act? Have you forgotten how to dream?”

My hand grips your cock and suddenly you feel warm sand beneath your feet and the sun is just about to rise on the horizon.

“Ah, so it is true. Without my touch you cannot dream at all, such a sad revelation. How many nights have you spent silent, frustrated, and in the dark alone? What is it that you fear so much that you would isolate yourself? You live your life inside, in fantasies you can never experience. Cuckolding? Chastity? Isn’t it time to experience these joys?”

The sun breaks the horizon bathing you in golden amber light. There you stand, naked, on the perfect beach watching the sun rise on your fantasies. You begin to dream once again. Soon there is a small gazebo lined with silk pillows, draped in gossamer. You see the wind dance with the flowing sheets of barely there fabric.

“There. You see? You can dream. Come, my pet, it is past time that I showed you all that I can do here.”

Please Your Mistress and Stroke it for Me

I step in front of you and your breath is swept away on the wind as you see my luscious body draped in the same gossamer fabric. Every curve of my body is highlighted, and yet hidden. As I walk you toward the gazebo, the wind forces the fabric away from my thighs giving you a peak at the soft ivory skin that lies beneath.

The sun quickly grows high in the sky, an indication of your desire.

“Kneel.” That simple command is like a set of powerful hands that forces you to your knees. Your eyes take in the body that stands before you. “Good boy. Now…” I lie down on the pillows and begin to let my fingers play with the sheer fabric the covers my body. “Show me how you like to stroke that cock, and tell me all that you need.”  You have no idea if I am going let you orgasm or if I am going to tease and deny you that pleasure you so greatly need.

My eyes hold yours transfixed and your hands move of their own accord to your straining cock. Your fingers wrap around it hesitatingly.

“Go on, stroke for me.” You watch as my fingers draw small circles around my nipples, making them seem to want to split the fabric that encases them.

Denied Once Again, pet

Your hand begins to slide easily up and down the shaft of your cock. I match each stroke with my own fingers on my body, letting my hands drift lower until they are nestled between my soft ivory thighs. It is not long before you can see and smell the desire building in me. The sheer fabric does nothing to hide the dampness that grows between my legs. Can you see how you please your Mistress?

Your hands quicken on your cock as you push toward your climax, hoping I will join you in it. Perhaps here in this dream state you will find the relief so often denied you.

Suddenly you are enveloped by darkness once again. You desperately try to return to the moment before, so close to release.

“I will be back my pet. You see no matter how hard you try, you will always be denied.”

Oh the joy this brings me! Your denial pleases your Mistress in so many ways. That’s my good boy.

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