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What is a Switch in a Dominant/submissive relationship?

Perhaps you have seen the term "switch" in BDSM circles referring to a relationship between a Dominant and a submissive. What is a switch?

A person who switches in Dominant/submissive play goes from being Dominant in their sexuality to submissive, and then back again. One who is into switching roles needs to be in a symbiotic relationship with one who enjoys switching too. The dynamic can be very interesting with a Mistress dominating the submissive, who then can "top from the bottom." Topping from the bottom is another method of switching, where the submissive takes control during a scene.

Agreements should be discussed when it comes to switching roles - such as when is the Mistress/Master ready to become submissive? What are the limitations? Safe words? What rules should be put in place so that when the person who is dominant feels dominant and the submissive person feels submissive and vice versa. Lines should be drawn so that both feel they are experiencing and getting the most out of their roles as submissives or Dominants.

One way to handle switching is to choose a day where one will be the submissive, and the other be Dominant and the next time, completely switching roles. Mood does come into play too - as one may not feel like being Dominant at a certain time, and you should discuss with your partner as to what mood you are in and what you would like to explore.

Switching can add so many dimensions to a relationship with so many variable outcomes and so many different ways to explore! For more information on how femdom switching fantasiesith - contact the Mistresses at!

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