Totally Dominated and Controlled – by Phone!


I have always had a strong desire to be dominated and controlled by a dominant woman but it seems all the women I’ve met in my life would rather be controlled by a dominant man. Don’t get me wrong, I can be dominant when I want to be, but my heart isn’t in it. My true pleasure comes from being completely and totally controlled by a dominant woman. Since I wasn’t meeting women like that in my area, I decided to do a little research to find out where all the dominant women were hiding.


American Phone Mistresses?


I did an Internet search for Dominant Women and found a lot of American phone sex sites with women claiming to be Mistresses, some even as cheap as 99 cents a minute. I was in heaven. Or so I thought. I naturally tried the cheaper lines first, but I very quickly learned that cheaper doesn’t mean better! It seems most of these sites had airhead young girls that did nothing but fake-giggle at me the entire time we were on the phone. They had little thumbnail pics for me to look at but nothing else to tell me about them, their personalities, or their specialties.


I was just about to give up on my search when I happened across a site called At first I was a little put off by the $2.99 per minute price tag, but when I really started looking around, I couldn’t believe all the information available to me. Not only did they have a photo gallery of each Mistress for me to look at, but even more important, they had voice samples, bios of each Mistress, and links to their blogs, email addresses, and Yahoo instant messenger IDs. I realized that the price per minute on the actual call may have been more, but these Mistresses were willing to spend time chatting and emailing with me to help determine if we were a good fit. And, they even have a quality guarantee! This was the real deal!


Dominate and Control Me Please Mistress!


It took me nearly two weeks of reading the Mistress profiles, blogs, and chatting with a few Mistresses before I finally found one that clicked. We both felt it right away. We chatted for a while on instant messenger and then I filled out her pre-call questionnaire to help give her a better idea of what I was looking for. She emailed me back after reading my answers and we set up an appointment for the following day. As soon as she answered the phone, I knew she was in charge. She’s a sensual mistress and never really raises her voice, but she is very firm in her expectations.


I had told her of my struggles in trying to find a girlfriend who would take complete control of me and asked her if she would be able to control me the way I need to be controlled without being with me in person. Could she dominate me completely by phone? She laughed that wicked laugh I’ve come to adore and said “Absolutely! But beware, my pet… be careful what you wish for!!” From then on, all gloves were off! She took charge and started giving me assignments to follow and before I knew it, she had completely taken control. There isn’t anything I do in my life now, that I don’t first give thought to what Mistress would say about it.


Be Careful What You Wish for, pet!


Every time Mistress says that phrase, it sends shivers down my body! She did warn me, after all. Told me that she’d do exactly what I asked her to do but that I’d better be prepared for it. I wasn’t exactly prepared, but I will say, that she’s given me exactly what I need. She gives me assignments and holds me accountable when I don’t follow through. She insists I call her every week to report what I’ve been up to and nearly every morning I have an email in my inbox with my assignments for the day. She even sends text messages to my cell phone sometimes, to remind me in the middle of the week while I’m at work, just exactly who is in control. Messages like, “I totally dominate and control you and don’t you forget it!” LOL- forget it? How could I? My cock won’t let me.


What Mistress Wants, Mistress Gets! Please Your Mistress and Call Today.