The Submissive, the Domme, and the Switch

Often when a submissive calls a phone sex line for Domination for the first time, they feel a bit of apprehension because he does not quite know exactly what he wants. There are so many forms of Domination.

For example, there is sensual Domination and hardcore Domination , just to name a few. A man may or may not know what each one entails. But then again, there are those who know exactly what they want and are looking for.

Defining Domination for the Submissive


Domination as defined in the dictionary, is to rule or have dominion over. Many men who hold high powered or stressful positions, often opt for a Domination session with a phone sex operator or Mistress. They want to relinquish control, and be powerless in the situation. This is because in their professional world, they are the ones who always hold the power.

A Domination session does not always have to be hardcore. Some men choose to have a sensual Domination session, in which the phone sex operator or Domme controls them in a more sensual tone. Whether the client chooses sensual or hardcore Domination, one thing is always true, the man wants the Domme or mistress to be in control, at least for now.

Sometimes, a phone sex operator who is Dominant will not choose to play the submissive role. During a session a caller may often want the phone sex operator to do as he says or to be submissive to him. This is called switching. A skilled Professional Domme will be able to switch if the sitation calls for it.

The Switching – or just Testing the Domme?

Now, there are times when the client outlines the way the fantasy is to be roleplayed. Many times a caller wants a very strong hardcore Domme. In this case the caller does not want the Domme or phone sex operator to change roles. He came looking for a hardcore Domme on purpose because he may be into extreme fetishes, and a sensual Domme will not be as strict with him.

In many sessions, especially tease and denial sessions, a caller may ask the Domme not to allow him to have an orgasm at the end of the call. In those cases the Domme must make sure that she continues to stay in control and not switch into a more sensual Domme and allow the caller release. If given release the client may choose not to call back the phone sex operator, because he was looking for more strict control. It is important to know when or if in these sessions, switching is appropriate, and not let the lines become cloudy.

The hows, whens and whys of changing roles are very important in a session. While many clients who call up looking for a Domination session know what they want, there are also a vast majority that do not. Clients call into the phone sex service and tell the phone sex operator that they want to be dominated without actually knowing all that it entails.

When asked by the phone sex operator what type of fantasy they are looking for, or what type of Domination interests them, many clients will often say that the phone sex operator should choose. This is when it is up to the phone sex operator to or Domme to make sure the call goes in the right direction. What might be normal for the Domme, may not be what the client was looking for or expecting.

At this point the Domme should ask a series of questions to the client to find out what type of role that he wishes to play. In addition, it should also be discussed how he wants to be dominated. The phone sex operator should explain to the caller the difference between hardcore Domination and sensual Domination.

Prepare before your Domination Session with Communication


Many callers do like to contact the phone sex operator or Domme in advance of the session, to discuss how the call will go. This is a good time for both parties to ask questions of each other and make sure that they are both on the same page. The basic outline of the call should be apparent to both the client and the Domme. During the session however, things may change and an experienced Domme will be able to work with an ever changing storyline.

A client may think he knows what he wants, but during the session he may change his mind. Many times during the session a client decides to incorporate things into the fantasy that never crossed his mind before. It is extremely important for the Domme or phone sex operator to be quick witted and move in the direction that the client may be leading. Sometimes during Domination sessions the Domme will have to read between the lines of the subtle hints that the client is leading.

While some Domme’s have strict policies about not switching or being put in the submissive role, there are just as many that are willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy the client. It is after all good business to insure that the caller gets exactly what he is looking for in a Domination session.

Domination, submission and switching, while all different, play important roles in every session. All factors must all align themselves in harmony to bring together a great session. When asking simple questions such as how, when and why, both the submissive caller and the Femdom Mistress will eliminate any unpleasant surprises during the call.