The Reality of Female Domination


Men often have an idea of female domination and being in a female-led relationship would be like long before they ever actually participate in that type of relationship themselves. Unfortunately, these men’s expectations are usually completely unrealistic. Luckily for you guys, you now have a Femdom Mistress who is here to explain the reality of domination to you.

First of all, let’s address some of the misconceptions about dominant women and the Femdom lifestyle. Most men get their information about the Femdom/male sub relationship from porn and erotica. These types of media can be very sexually stimulating and an excellent way to learn more about one’s fetishes, but they aren’t very good at portraying a D/s relationship in a realistic manner. Of course, they aren’t meant for that, as they are forms of entertainment rather than education, but, unfortunately, men take them for the latter as well.

Femdom porn often makes men think that when they are serving a Mistress, they will always be bound at her feet or crawling on the floor or something equally arousing. The fact of the matter is that a Femdom relationship is, first and foremost, a relationship. It requires give and take from both parties, and there is always plenty of “normal, vanilla” time in between the sexy scenes. You will always be submissive to her, but you won’t necessarily be “in scene.”

Femdoms Love Men, Especially Obedient Ones


Another common misconception that certain types of Femdom porn puts out there is the stereotype of the mean Mistress who hates men and uses the Femdom lifestyle as a way to take out her hatred on them. This myth doesn’t hold up to scrutiny, though. Women who hate men generally don’t make it a point to hang around them, even if it is to inflict pain or humiliation on them. The costs of intentionally subjecting oneself to a group of people that one hates far outweigh the benefits of that situation.

In fact, Mistresses love men. They love being around men, spending time with them, and, especially, being served by them. Men make Mistresses happy, particularly if they are obedient men who are eager to please their Mistresses.

So What Is A Femdom Relationship Really Like?


Since we have already addressed what a female domination and a Femdom relationship is not, let’s move on and talk about what it is instead.

A Femdom relationship is, ultimately, rooted in trust. The Mistress trusts that the slave will always do his best to do her bidding and that he will do all that he can to please her. The slave trusts that the Mistress has his best interests at heart and that she will treat his submission responsibly without taking undue advantage of it.

As mentioned before, a Femdom relationship is a relationship before everything else. That means that the way the two people involved relate to one another is paramount. The relationship itself comes before sex, kink, or any sort of power exchange. In order for such a relationship to work, both people must be happy, and they cannot be happy if they aren’t making a sincere effort to relate to one another.

Finding A Dominant Woman


So how can you go about finding a dominant woman? There are many ways, of course. Those who wish to throw themselves wholeheartedly into the Femdom lifestyle may find places like munches and play parties a good place to start. There, they can meet Mistresses and other like-minded people to converse with…and maybe more.

For those who are a little more reluctant about diving in head-first, there are online meeting places for kinky men and women. Most of these people are looking for real-life relationships, though, so if you aren’t sure about taking your fantasies out into the real world, you might be more interested in something like sexy texting or Femdom phone sex.

When you choose the method you’d like to use when finding a Mistress, the next thing to think about is how to approach dominant women. The best thing you can do is to be genuine and polite. Do not grovel or be overly passive, waiting for her to take control. On the other hand, do not act too aggressive or be too focused on getting your fetishes fulfilled. Simply treat her as you would any stranger you met in a non-kinky environment, and you will eventually find a lady who will appreciate it!

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