The Many Degrees of Mistress Domination


I am so enthralled with Mistress domination that I haven’t had a single independent thought outside of my work in many years. This is because I have a Mistress. Domination is and always has been the basis of our relationship. This may seem odd to you, but I know many couples who live this lifestyle to varying degrees. I’m a full time slave.

I’m allowed to go to work and come home. Everything else in my life is dictated by my Mistress. I eat, sleep, stroke my cock (or not!) at her whim alone. This is how my life works best and I love it this way. Domination is a lifestyle that can also be lived by degrees, however. Here are some examples from my BDSM community.

One of my favorite people is what I call a weekender. He is someone who lives a completely normal life except on weekends. His job is tending bar and a local hangout and drives a beautiful Harley that I would give my right arm to own. I’ve been allowed to belly up to his bar a few times and I can tell you that he makes mean vodka tonics.

He loves to spend his Saturday afternoons sucking cock as instructed by his Mistress. I know this only because he drives his Harley up to my Mistress s house in our quiet suburban neighborhood on the allotted day and smiles at me silently as he slips on the hood.

My Mistress and I are the only ones who see his face and know his name. His Mistress arrives at our house only after he does, so she doesn t even know that the man she coerces to suck cock is also the bartender that fixed her Pina Colada the night before. Even though I know who he is, I’ve never mentioned it as I sipped my drink. Mistress domination demands complete confidentiality, at least in my experience.

Mistress Domination on Vacation

The vacationer is another type of man that loves Mistress domination. He is a man who probably has a nice mid level job, a family and a house with a white picket fence. This man lives an average life and rarely, if ever, voices his need for femdom. Then he gets the chance to go on a business trip across country. He’s away from his wife, his work and his normal responsibilities. So what does he do?

He researches the nearest BDSM community to his hotel, makes so quiet phone inquiries and spends at least one evening, if not more, in the company of a Mistress who laughs and humiliates him for hours. Maybe they spend their time together fantasizing that she is his wife and she cuckolds him because he s really just a loser who doesn t deserve better in life. Whatever the evening s activities are, when they are finished, he puts his suit back on and returns to his small town life.

How do I know about this man? He works in my office and I happened to go by his desk one day and see a picture of him unmasked, but otherwise in full BDSM regalia. He was holding a postcard from the city that held the last business conference he attended. I was very surprised and very much wanted to share my secret life with him, but thought better of it and said nothing. I did put the photograph in his drawer so no one else would see it.


Yearly Mistress Domination


Mistress domination can also be enjoyed even if it is only on occasion. This is the case of the man who slips away once a year to attend an annual two day Domination Party that my Mistress throws between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Anyone can come to it, but all identities must be concealed.

I’ve told her before that she should have this masked party around Halloween, but she says that she doesn’t really want it to be on a holiday, but just during the height of the holiday season. During this event, we have a little something for every fetish. Fashion shows for the sissies to show off their finery, Mistresses demonstrating the newest in chastity devices and queening competitions.

It is my favorite time of the year! I always schedule my yearly vacation around this time. To me, it s better than Christmas! I get a new costume for it every year. One year, I was a hooded elf, the next a beautiful pink fairy complete with wings, tights and toe shoes.

Whatever your lifestyle is you can enjoy Mistress Domination.