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Explaining to Your Mistress That You Like to Switch

You have been dominated for quite some time, perhaps calling a Mistress, or you have been dominated by your girlfriend. Things are going great! You love to relinquish the control and be told what to've been having fantasies about dominating her. You would love to tie her up, and tell her what to do. How do you express this?

First of all, you will want to ask your Mistress if she likes being submissive every now and then or if she likes to switch. Some Mistresses do not mind playing the submissive role. In fact, some Mistresses like playing a submissive because they learn more about what the submissive goes through and how to use that to control them in future sessions when she resumes the dominant role. Also, ask her what she feels comfortable with as far as playing a submissive role goes. Discuss your limits and what you both are open to together and make plans!

If she agrees, then discuss how you would like to dominate her. Do you enjoy bondage, like to be gagged, or blindfolded? Making her wear naughty outfits for you? Since you are going to be in control—it is your chance to experiment the way you want to. Also, keeping in the confines of what she enjoys as well can make it a very interesting dynamic between Dominant and submissive! Once you have done the switching session—you can now look forward to when your Mistress dominates you—which will make for a very erotic and surprising session!

Remember, it's important to discuss switching scenarios prior to trying them to feel out one another's Dominance and submission comfort level. It can make a world of difference for you and her. Enjoy switching roles! Contact the Mistresses at!

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