Styles Of Serving Your Mistress

Styles Of Serving Your Mistress


You may be wondering, as many men do, the best way to please your Mistress. This is a very common question among submissives, particularly among those who are newer to the Femdom lifestyle.

Of course, the best answer is that there is no one answer. There are as many different kinds of Mistresses out there as there are men who wish to serve them. They all have different personalities, different tastes, different desires. Because of the wide variety of Femdoms in the BDSM world, it is hard to make generalizations about the kinds of things Mistresses as a whole prefer.

On the other hand, we also know that you are probably looking for more than a cop-out answer. That’s why we are going to explore this issue in a more in-depth manner. We offer only this disclaimer first: Always follow your Mistress’s directions above the directions of strangers on the Internet!

Awaiting A Femdom’s Orders


This is perhaps an oversimplification, but we believe there are two paths you can choose to follow when serving a Femdom Mistress. You can either await instructions from her, or you can take the initiative to do things that you know will please her. Some women will prefer one over the other, and some will like both at different times. Again, the preference depends entirely on the woman in question, so get to know your Mistress well. Find out which she prefers before choosing a course of action.

If a Mistress prefers that you wait for explicit instructions from her before taking action, that is what you should do. The type of Mistress who prefers that her subs await her orders is more likely to be a strict Mistress and a micromanager.

This type of Mistress expects complete obedience in all things. She does not want you to try to play guessing games to figure out what might please her. Instead, she wants you to do what you both know will please her, which is to follow her orders to the letter.

If you are in service to this type of Mistress, you should always be ready to receive her instructions. Once you’ve received them, you should do your best to follow them to the letter and complete them as quickly as you can while still doing a quality job.

Taking Initiative To Please Your Mistress


The other way that you can serve a Mistress is through taking initiative to please her. We should probably point out that this method requires that you have an intimate knowledge of her likes and dislikes and also that you know for sure that she likes for you to do things on your own without direct orders from her.

The kind of Mistress who enjoys this form of service is more likely to be a sensual Mistress. She tends to be more permissive and likes it when her subs display creativity and spontaneity. She hopes that you will show her devotion to her by being attentive to her needs and surprising her with things you know she will like.

If you are in service to this type of Mistress, you should always be sure to pay close attention to the things she has you do for her pleasure. You also need to learn to gauge her moods before making up your mind to do something. Sometimes, even the kindest gestures may flop if she is tired or angry or otherwise just not in the mood.

Serving A Mistress


Learning to serve a Mistress can be a daunting task. The best thing you can do is talk to your Femdom about what she expects from you, how she wants you to behave, and the kinds of things that make her happiest. This eliminates all the complicated guesswork that may lead to a messy scene if you somehow guess wrongly.

As a male submissive, your job is to please her to the best of your ability. Regardless of your current level of service, you should continue striving to serve her better. A good Mistress will recognize your efforts and will appreciate them. She may even reward you for your continued progress!

Femdom Mistresses love devoted subs, and if you can show her that you adore and respect her, she will be very happy with you.