Domination and Femdom Phone Sex Sessions
2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


Toll Free Number: 800-356-6169

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Let us be quite clear from the start, there will be no "switching" here - unless you're referring to what I do to your bottom. I'm dominant and cannot/WILL not pretend otherwise. You might say I was born that way; born to be a Mistress. Some are born to be wives, some to be girlfriends and a few to be Mistresses. I take it you WANT to please me - otherwise why would you be here? You may consider yourself to be submissive, but think carefully about what that means. Do you really have the generosity of spirit to give yourself over to a strong woman? You may think you want to please me, but are you prepared to meet my demands, my whims? Because make no mistake; you will be tested. Perhaps not yet, but in time. First you must be prepared to tell me everything. Tell me things you've never told anyone else, things you've barely admitted to yourself. Imagine the feeling of release from that alone! All feelings of shame will be erased, rather you should be proud to be possessed by me.

Submission is not about being beaten down (physically OR emotionally) but about freely granting the gift of self to another. To one you trust, admire and respect. Yes, I did say respect. That's important to me. Why would you want to give yourself to someone you can't respect? And you DO want to give yourself. Don't you? On the other side of the coin, why would I want to play with someone I don't respect? Conduct yourself appropriately and you will earn my respect.

Yes, there will be pain at times, but the rewards will make the pain worthwhile. Besides, you said you wanted to please me and sometimes I will be pleased by your pain. Acknowledge that this is what you've yearned for, perhaps without fully realising it, and you will find release. Call me at 800-356-6169 and the journey may begin.