Pleasing a Dominant Mistress


You love being a sub and pleasing your dominant mistress. In fact you spend most of your free time searching for the perfect dominant Mistress. Sound like you? If so, read on and I might be able to end your search. There are many ways to please a dominant Mistress. Always remember that you are a sub to make your Mistress happy and satisfied. This is the only reason you are here. You live to serve her.

First, and most importantly, is how to address your dominant Mistress. Most Mistresses have no problem at all telling a sub how they wish to be addressed, but if she doesn t tell you outright, here are some good titles to start with. A simple “yes, Mistress”, or “yes ma’am” is always good no matter what the occasion. I ve heard more elaborate titles used too. The best one was “O Goddess of Domination.”

But the most important thing to remember here is to call your dominant Mistress what she prefers. Remember that your whole reason for breathing her air is to please her, so watch and listen. Think only about her pleasure and never put yourself or your needs and wants before hers. Learn to pick up possibly subtle hints about what she likes and what pleases her. Mistresses often leave it up to their subs to figure out the best way to address them.

Worshiping Your Dominant Mistress


Body worship is another way to please your dominant Mistress. Any part of a woman’s body can be worshiped, but the most common body parts to be lathed with attention are the feet, legs, ass and hands. Always start out worshiping her on your knees with your eyes lowered to the floor. If you are particularly good at worshiping legs and she knows you like her in stockings, she might put them on for you, if you ask politely.

But don t expect that. Again, listen to what she likes or learn to take subtle cues that you re doing the right thing. If her breathing becomes faster and heavier, you know that whatever your doing probably feels good to her. Above all don t complain or whine about your task, just do it in the best way you know to please her. This is what a good slave always does to keep his dominant Mistress happy.

Another way you can please your dominant Mistress is by entertaining her with your humiliation. You dominant Mistress will probably want to humiliate you on occasion. She may do this by making you serve her in different ways. You may find yourself in a French maid s uniform cleaning her house.

Ways a Femdom Mistress Can be Dominating

There are many ways that she could be dominating. Mistresses are good at that. She could also make you suck cock, or please her sexually in public or private. The choice is always hers. If you are dressing up all girly for your dominant Mistress, instead of thinking about what she can do for you, think of ways that dressing up can please her. Chances are she has told you during a previous session that she likes you in a certain outfit or likes it when you perform some act of servitude for her.

Make a mental note of her comment to show that really listen and care about what she thinks and likes. A good sissy slave lives to please and entertain their dominant Mistress. If she says to put your girly panties on and suck cock, don t question her. This may displease her and cause you to need to be punished. A good slave never questions or tries to second guess his Femdom Mistress.