Mutual Masturbation


My Boyfriend and I had been together a few months when I came up with a great idea of something we hadn‘t tried before, but that I knew he would LOVE – a Mutual Masturbation session! We had been together long enough to know that we had a lot in common and we really enjoyed each other. We were compatible in the sack too. We met when we were both in line at a movie theater, me with my friends and he with a date. We caught each other’s eye and discreetly exchanged phone numbers when his date was in the bathroom. We went out later that month and we have been together since then.


We Already Have Great Sex


Our sex life is good. We’re both uninhibited and are always looking for ways to make fucking better. New positions, toys, lubes, places. You name it, we’ve tried it. Some things we enjoy so much we do them again and again. For others, once was enough. I’ll admit it, I like to fuck. I’m the one in the room who says nothing when all the other women are bitching about their men wanting “it” too much. I can’t get “it” enough and I don‘t care who knows it, though it‘s not like I share every kinky thing we try with my more conservative friends. It’s none of their business. However, I never say, “Baby, I have a headache.” either. And I’ll tell you another little secret about me – I love to masturbate. I think most women do too. We just don’t talk about it. I didn’t tell my boyfriend this either. I felt that he didn’t need to know this about me. Besides, I never did it when there was a time that he would catch me, so he never had a clue.


House Sitting Can Be Fun


My boyfriend and I were making out one night and it was heading toward the “seriously ready to fuck” stage. We were house sitting for some friends who were in Cancun for the weekend. At that point we had screwed like crazy in every room in the house. I mean, it looked like a whorehouse on a Sunday morning after a very long and busy Saturday night. Our friends weren’t due home for another day, so we hadn’t bothered to clean up. My blue cami was hanging on the doorknob of the master bedroom. The kitchen was a mess and the sheets needed changing. We had just showered together and after soaping each other up and getting all hot and bothered, I could feel that he was hard and leaking against my belly as he kissed my neck. I know he thought we were going to get it on right there on the floor, where we had ended up, but I had other plans. I stopped him and said I had an idea for something new! He stood without another word and scooped me up and carried me into the master bedroom, ready to try whatever I wanted, since my ideas are always HOT. It was like something out of a romance novel! I started to giggle at the way we must look, soaking wet, naked with his cock bouncing as he walked.


Stroke for Me, I’ll Rub For You


He put me down and lay down beside me. I started kissing and touching him just a little and then scooted away. He looked a little confused and asked me what this great new idea was. I smiled widely and told him, “Touch yourself! I want to watch.” He was stunned, but I could tell he loved the idea, even as he was asking me, why. I just told him that it would be so sexy to watch him touch himself that I would sit in front of him, legs spread doing the same, so he could watch me too!


Once he started stroking his cock, I got comfortable and lay back and closing my eyes, just for an instant, then opening them to watch him. I could hear him moan and smiled as he stroked faster, my fingers slipping across my wet slit and moaning myself, both of us getting close very quickly. And that’s when we heard the front door open. Our friends were calling from downstairs, saying that they had come home early. My boyfriend and I scrambled off of the bed, their bed, and started searching for our clothes.


Needless to say, we didn’t get to finish what we had planned that day. But we tried it again a few days later in the privacy of our own bedroom. And then we did it again the next day. And the next day.


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