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You can tell when you look at me, if you want to stay there will be work to do. I am not the type to be with just any man. Now, when I say 'be with' , do not think I am referring to sexually. I would never let you inside my feminine temple. Inside my walls, flows a nectar reserved for the gods among men. They are like the warriors carved out of marble in Greece; potent, alpha males who bring women to the apex of pleasure.

An alpha male is certainly not you. You were meant for another role. Under my feet is where you belong. Literally speaking, you are beneath me. The path you take to pleasure me is different. You succumb to my every whim in a submissive manner, unworthy of the title, 'man'. Since your genital equipment is not worthy of mention, you can please me with your tongue. That will be your main source of pleasure for me.

Your tongue will never touch my womanhood, but will be very useful to worship my ass. The ass hole will be the orifice you lick to show the highest devotion to me, your Mistress. Never object and make mistress angry or there will be hell to pay. I suspect you knew that already, even a slave can be somewhat perceptive. Please me by showing how eager you are to accomplish every task with perfection.

When you approach all your submissive tasks as humble gifts to your mistress, you will please me greatly. Whether you are worshiping my feet, legs, ass or breasts do your absolute best to please me. Only submissives who walk the path to true devotion are rewarded.

Mistress Lena



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10 Non-sexual Ways to Please Your Mistress

by Ms. Constance

When it comes to ways to please your Mistress it is important to know what type of Mistress she is and what things she enjoys. Pleasing a Mistress is not a one size fits all type thing and you need to put time and effort into pleasing her. The following 10 things are ways to please your Mistress that have nothing to do with sex but have everything to do with making your Mistress truly pleased and Happy.

1: Spend time with her and get to know what makes her happy, actually be interested in what she has to say and how she feels about things. Listening and getting to know your Mistress will make your job of pleasing her so much easier.

2: Show your devotion once you have gotten to know your Mistress and understand what makes her tick. Show her your total and undying devotion to her and her needs. Praise her in all ways you possibly can and let her know that she is the Only Mistress for you and that you will be totally devoted to her forever.

3: Be generous with your time and with your small tokens of devotion. There is no need to go overboard with gifts especially if you can t afford them. But small thoughtful gifts are one great way to please Mistress and show her how much you care.

4: Be respectful at all times. Even when your day is a rough one still be respectful of your Femdom Mistress. Never take out your frustrations or problems on your Mistress instead ask her for guidance and support. Never disrespect your Mistress in any way including the actions you take when not in her presence. You represent your Mistress always be respectful of your place.

5: Appreciating your Mistress is an excellent way of pleasing her, understanding what she does for you on and off the phone and all that she gives of herself. Appreciate the time she gives you and the thought she puts into your pla

y time and daily communication.

6: Make her smile— yes you read that right, you can please your Mistress by making it your goal to put a smile on her face daily. If you know your Mistress well enough you will know just how to please her and put a smile on her face.

7: Make it all about your Mistress and Her needs. She is your Mistress and you want to please her and by making her a priority and putting her needs above yours you will be pleasing her in ways that you just can’t really understand.

8: Communicate with your Mistress. This may seem like a strange way to please her but honestly by communicating your needs and your daily details with her, and letting her know where your head is at you are pleasing her. Your Mistress should never have to guess what is going on with you because it is your job to communicate clearly with her and take all the guess work out of it.

9: Please your Mistress by doing what is asked of you in a timely manner. Nothing displeases a Mistress like excuses for everything. If your Mistress assigns you something to do get it done in a timely manner and be eager to do so. If you can’t do this she should know up front and not when you are making excuses for why it is not being done.

10: Do not whine and complain and look for fault. Pleasing your Mistress goes deeper than sexually pleasing her and being a whiney complaining sub does not please her trust me! You can voice your opinions and you can share your thoughts but don’t whine and complain it is not fun or exciting and certainly not how you please your Mistress.