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Sensual Domination and Erotic Femdom

By Ms. Claire of Cock Control

What do you envision when you hear the word 'Femdom'?

More often than not, people assume that a female dominant or dominatrix is an overbearing, harsh, loud and blatantly cruel, whip wielding, leather-clad bitch whose only method of minimizing men is through pain and complete disregard of her submissive's fantastic needs. It is important to understand that the relationship shared between a Dominant and a Submissive is attained or maintained through a sadistic corporeal approach involving physical pain, agonizing demands and extreme acts of humiliation. Whereas this approach may prove effective and is desired during some D and S sessions, many subs are frightened or put off by this aspect of feminine power. The mere thought of being bound and flogged in a dungeon type atmosphere does absolutely nothing for them (except possibly induce a nightmare or two).

In reality a Sub should have a relationship with his/her Femdom that is based on trust and understanding. This is part of why initial interviews are so very important prior to a session. This way your Mistress can be certain of the approach she should take with you in order for the both you to enjoy a pleasurable erotic exchange. After the dynamics of the potential relationship are thoroughly discussed, the female dominant and her sub can enjoy a more fulfilling fantasy experience together.

Redefining the term 'Power' regarding the Femdom approach

Essentially a Femdom is an erotic artist, a story teller, an enchantress and a seductress among many other things. Any Mistress worth her salt will be able to alter her style of domination in order to suit each and every unique sub's needs (unless, of course she has a specialty).

The bare bone of every D and S session is an effective power exchange that produces erotic pleasure in both parties. The power that the female dominant wields over her sub can be obtained in many less harsh and more sensual ways. Think back to the very first dominant female figure in your life; your mother. Granted there were times that I am sure you can recall, where she had to act as your strict disciplinarian, out of love, in order to guide, mold and protect you she was also there to nurture and praise you. Unless she was unduly abusive, she executed her methods of discipline with care, concern and understanding. An element of this maternal like compassion can, and should, make for an extremely satisfying D and S session.

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The power that a Femdom has over her sub is essentially gained through a display of trust and respect. This is not something that must always be obtained by maniacal screaming, ruthless beating or severe humiliation. A Femdom can achieve great power by way of gestures as subtle as an intense stare, a sexy smile or laugh, a few softly spoken choice words or a light strategically placed touch. Men are dominated every day by women in the most common circumstances. For example, that flirtatious colleague at the office who purposely exposes the lacy rim of her thigh high stocking, all the while giving you that knowing grin, has dominated you at the point you became aroused. That divinely assembled and scantily clad young tart that subtly weaseled her last three mixed drinks from you merely by moving her body like a seductive serpent on the dance floor has also dominated you. I think you get the picture boys. We women were born into this world as natural dominants through the curves, grace and seductive mannerisms that nature has bestowed upon us. These are a few of the attributes that empower the human female.

How do I get the style of domination I crave during Femdom Phone Sex sessions?

Often times when speaking to clients I hear complaints of Phone Sex sessions gone terribly wrong in their eyes. "She just yelled at me and that does not turn me on in the least" is a general statement I have heard frequently from disgruntled clients. First of all, stop to consider for a moment how important it is to thoroughly communicate your desires during an initial interview with your Mistress. Perhaps you were very vague while explaining what it is that you wanted from your phone sex session.

The Mistresses here at Vox Erotic are more than willing to listen as you explain precisely what it is that you are looking to gain during an erotic phone exchange. We understand that often times it is very difficult to reveal your innermost fantasies to a complete stranger for fear that they may seem too taboo or even too vanilla. Keep in mind that we Mistresses are professionals who want nothing more than to make you feel at ease so that you may open up to us and provide the details that are essential to creating a strong rapport. This in turn will help to bring your most recurrent fantasies to vivid life during your phone sex session.

Don't allow the titles 'Mistress', 'Dominatrix', or 'Femdom' gear you toward a stereotypical image of the approach that your chosen Phone Sex Goddess will take when greeting and treating you. In truth, I would say a much larger percentage of Phone sex Mistress is intuitive and intelligent enough to understand the importance and necessity of versatility during sessions. The Mistresses here at Vox Erotic are experienced professionals who are chosen carefully for their intellect and ability to adapt to varied degrees of domination fantasies. When a dispatcher refers you to a particular Femdom, she does so with the knowledge of what each Mistress is or is not willing to accommodate and the style of domination you are likely to receive from the chosen erotic fantasy artist. Therefore, if you prefer a more sensual approach to your phone sex fantasies, once again clear communication with the dispatchers and/or your chosen Mistress is the key to attaining this.

Written by Mistress Claire
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