Do You Enjoy Nipple Play?

by Ms. Constance of


There are some of us who enjoy a bit of nipple play in our sex lives either in person or on the phone. Some like a little tug or pinch and some love nipple clamps and enjoy the pain part of nipple play.

Here are some types of nipple play ideas– there is something for everyone.


Gentle Nipple Play


Here you can use your finger tips to gently rub or tug on your sensitive nipples, you can decide how much you like and never have to worry about it being too rough. You can get a little temperature sensation in gentle nipple play with an ice cube, simply run it around the nipple and feel the cold instantly make that nipple hard.

You control how much you can take because you can simply take the ice cube away and when you do replace it with your hot finger tips from the hand that was not holding the ice cube. The sensation from freezing cold to warm is sure to turn you on.

Nipple Play with Nipple Clamps

For those of you who enjoy a bit of pain on their nipples an excellent way to achieve this are by getting some nipple clamps. You have to choose which type would best fit your needs but always try to buy nipple clamps that adjust. Nipple clamps with a rubber tip are excellent for those who want the pinch but not the BITE from an alligator clip style.

Nipple clamps with a chain connecting them are fun because once clipped onto the nipple you can give that chain a little tug to give you a more intense feeling of pain and pleasure.

Nipple clamps with small weights are fun too because they really tug on that nipple just beware that when those nipple clamps come off there will be a rush of pain going to those nipples and some of you may enjoy this but some may not so just be aware it happens.


Nipple Play: Nipple Suckers


There are several types some that are rubber that you simply suck onto your nipples and it gives the sensation of a gentle sucking, or you can go for the nipple suckers that you can twist and increase that sucking and pulling sensation.

Beware that in your turned on state of mind that every time you twist them to suck harder you may not realize what you are doing and end up having a hickey on your nipple!

Sexy Combo of Clamps and Suckers


Now if you are someone who really enjoys some heavy nipple play try the combination of the nipple suckers first for about 10 minutes, twist them to the point you like and leave them on Now take them off and replace them with nipple clamps!

This will send a shock of pain through your body with a rush of pleasure as well.


Be Safe with Nipple Play


One thing you must do is always play safe, what might feel good in the heat of the moment may end up causing you great pain for days after so never go over board and know your limits.

Everyone who enjoys nipple play will tell you that for days after some intense nipple play there is a bit of tenderness in the nipples. You should take a break for a few days before playing with them again so as not to cause any lasting damage or prolonged pain.

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