Choosing the Right Mistress for You


You’ve been lurking around the Enchantrix Empire Phone Sex sites for a while now and you’re thinking you might finally be ready to call a Mistress for the first time, but with so many Mistresses to choose from, you aren’t sure how to decide who to call. Lucky for you, we have a variety of ways to help determine which Mistress may be right for you. When you want to please your Mistress, you’re already on the right path. Keep reading for advice on choosing the right Mistress for you!


Mistress Profiles on Each Site


The Enchantrix Empire network is made up of dozens of fetish-based phone sex sites with Mistresses who are well versed in the fetish the site represents. The main page of each site shows the Mistresses who are currently available. Click on the photo of each Mistress to read her profile and find out what she has to say. Reading the profiles will help you narrow down the list of Mistresses you feel would be the best fit for you. Each Mistress profile also contains a voice sample link to help you decide if her voice is the type of voice you enjoy. Once you’ve found a Mistress whose profile you like and whose voice you like, several options are available to learn more about the Mistress you’ve selected.


Mistress Blogs


Each Cock Control Mistress has a blog–some Mistresses have several–that you can read to learn more about her personality, whether she’s strict or sensual, what her favorite fetishes are, and a variety of other things. You can read and comment on the various articles she’s written and look for her reply comments. You can also read the comments others have written, which will help give you a broader perspective.


Most blogs have a page with free audios on various topics for your listening pleasure. Listening to these audios, even the ones that don’t fall under your favorite fetish category, is a good way to hear all the little nuances of her voice and get a feel for her various personality traits. Perhaps she’s mostly sensual but sometimes can be stern. Maybe she’s stern but has a sensual side. These are the types of things that can be determined by listening to the free audios on her blog.


Enchantrix Empire Free Adult Social Network


If you aren’t already an Enchantrix Empire member, you’ll want to head over there now, to and get signed up. Enchantrix Empire is a free adult social network made up of the Mistresses of LDW/Enchantrix and other individuals who enjoy kinky, fun, adult interaction. You can interact with the Mistresses by posting on their profiles, emailing them, commenting on their photos, audios, and blogs, and even create and upload your own photos, audios, and blogs! You’ll not only be able to see how the various Mistresses interact with you, but also how they interact with each other and with all the other like-minded kinksters in the group.


My Perfect Mistress


Another way to help you decide on which Mistress to call is to fill out the pre-call questionnaire. By answering a series of questions about what you are looking for, our expert staff will make a recommendation to you of which Mistresses they think would be the best fit for you. You can get to the questionnaire by clicking on the Mistress Recommendation link on the menu of any of our sites or by going directly to The recommendations will be emailed to you withing 24 hours–usually much quicker–and then you can contact each of them via Yahoo Messenger or email to get an idea of whether she will be a good fit for you.


Live Help


You can also contact our Live Help Mistresses nearly 24 hours a day by going to and ask for a recommendation. They’ll ask you a few questions and withing a couple of minutes will have a recommendation for you of the Mistresses available so you can go ahead and enjoy that first call as soon as possible!


Well? What are you waiting for? Get started choosing your Mistress right now!


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