Are You Really Pleasing Your Mistress?


The most important thing about pleasing your Mistress is to understand when you are trying to please her and when you are just saying that. A mistress can tell the difference in a moment and you will end up in serious trouble with her if you try to pass off wanting to please her for wanting her to please you.

A real Mistress doesn’t appreciate topping from the bottom and will let you know right away how she feels about it. Or she will just pretend she doesn’t notice until you think everything is fine and then punish you!

But how do you know when you are truly understanding what it means to please your Mistress and when you are just trying to get something for yourself. Of course, we want you to be happy to, but never under the guise of trying to please us.

You should know the difference, but just in case you don t, here are three ways to always know if you are truly and honestly being submissive and wanting to please her or if you are just trying to get her to please you!


Pleasing Your Mistress: Tips to Doing it Right


First of all when you are truly wanting to please your Mistress, you will notice that she is the one who makes all the suggestions. She will be the one to come up with assignments for you to complete and things for you to do for her amusement. This is the way it should be at all times. You can count on her to find many exciting and naughty things for you to do, but they may or may not be the assignments you are hoping to do for her.

This is when pleasing your mistress comes into play. You maybe have an idea about how many assignments you want to do for her or what kinds. Maybe you were hoping she would send you out to buy panties and instead she tells you to stand and stare at yourself in the mirror for an hour and then write her an essay about why she should allow you to wear panties.

If you do it because she asked, then you are truly wanting to please your Mistress. If you complain and try to convince her to do something else or come up with another assignment more to your liking, then you are trying to please yourself and many Mistresses will stop speaking to you then and there.

Second, you must always be aware of what you are asking her to do. She should be the one asking things of you, not you asking things of her. If you love to see her beautiful bare feet, that s great! But if you are constantly asking her to send you pictures of her feet, that isn’t good at all. Your Mistress will give you what she wants when she wants and nothing more.

If you are told you are allowed to stroke on Wednesdays and you email her ten times wanting a response each time, asking to stroke on Fridays too, that is wrong. She is the one who will email you and randomly ask you to do something for her. Or if you are meeting, she will be the one to have you kneel down and be a footstool, not you who asks if you can please be furniture for her.

She should always be the one asking for more from you than you do from her. You ll know quickly if you are overstepping in this regard as your Mistress will start telling you things like, I am the Mistress, not you. This is your clue the she is noticing you pushing for more and does NOT appreciate it.

The third and not at all final, but certainly the last of the main ways to tell if you are really trying to please your mistress is that you are always happy and content. When you are focused on pleasing your Mistress it is her happiness that you are concerned with, not your own.

You are pleased to do whatever she requests to make her happy. This is when you know that you are thinking of your Mistress and not yourself first and foremost. You don’t sit around wishing that she would do something else for you or that she would give you a different assignment or send you a naughty picture. Instead you are just pleased to be near her, to have whatever time she will give you and to know that she is happy with you.

So, think about it. Are you Pleasing Your Mistress like you should or are you lacking in your duties? Now is the time to start doing it right!