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Are you ready to let go and step into the role of being my submissive? If so, then continue reading.

That is a very good boy, you have come here to make me happy, and you are off to a great start with me, but let's see if you can continue being a good boy. You see, I can be very hard to please, and sometimes it takes a lot to make me happy. Are you up for the challenge? Do not let that scare you, all you have to do is listen and obey.

It is actually very easy to learn how to become the ideal submissive for me. Get on your knees now! That makes me very excited, and it pleases me to see you on your knees, looking down at the ground, until I instruct you otherwise. Now sit there like a good submissive and just listen to what I have to say. There are so many ways for you to please me and put my happiness first, but I will list off a few of the rules I like you to follow when being my submissive.

The first rule is you always say, "Yes Mistress". and make sure you reply quickly. Hesitation will not be tolerated or rewarded. The second rule is never to complain when asked to do anything for me. I do not mind a little begging but when you complain, all I hear is blah blah blah, it is almost like an annoying whine. If I wanted to hear whining or crying, there would be a very cruel spanking involved for that ass of yours *giggles*. But that is not why you are here, is it?

You are here to please me and make me happy. I can see it in your eyes that you want this too. My happiness should be your number one priority. I am a sensual Goddess and I like to enjoy my subs and watch them grow. But do not get me wrong, if you fail to meet my standards, you will feel the wrath of a Sensual Goddess, which I know is unheard of! Trust me my wrath is rare, but a few unfortunate submissives have experienced it first hand. This will be a beautiful experience for us both, you just have to let go and enjoy the journey!



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How Your Femdom Mistress Can Help You Improve Yourself

by Ms. Ryan


Did you know your Femdom Mistress can help you improve yourself? One of the misconceptions that I think many men have about the Femdom/male submissive relationship is that it must be all about sex, or at least sensuality. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with sex and sensuality or anything like that. Of course not! But a good D/s relationship, like any other relationship, must be based on something more than just that. A D/s relationship with a good foundation will have two (or more) participants who genuinely care about one another. For some, it might be in a romantic fashion. For others, like myself, it might be more of a friendship with an interesting power dynamic built into it.

Because I do care for my subs, when they come to me to tell me that they’d like to do something to improve themselves, I do my best to help them. I’m almost never the one to bring it up, mind you. People won’t be committed to trying to change if it’s not something they want for themselves. But once they’ve made up their minds to do so, I’m all for helping if I can.


Please your Femdom Mistress by Following Through with the Plan


Sometimes, these self-improvements are, in fact, sexually-related. Perhaps I have a sub who wishes to break the vicious cycle of a masturbation addiction, or maybe I have a slave who would like to increase his sexual stamina, or one who hopes to go into long-term chastity, even. But, as my relationships are based in more than just sex and sensuality, it’s also not unusual for a sub to come to me for assistance with non-erotic things as well. I have had subs ask me to help them with things like dieting, exercise, time management, and even things like improving their study habits or helping them learn new languages.

In my experience, one of the most important things in trying to change or improve oneself is making sure that you’re held accountable for your actions (or your inaction). Some people can do this for themselves. Others need outside help with it. If you’re one of those who needs someone else to hold you accountable, don’t feel as though you’re weak or undisciplined. Just be grateful that you have a Mistress who’s willing to help you with it.


How to Please your Mistress


In addition to holding you accountable, a Mistress can also help you come up with a plan to achieve your goals. Having outside advice can be invaluable when it comes to these sorts of things, and when the outside advice comes from someone who is truly invested in helping you better yourself, it’s even more valuable.

She can also create a system of punishments and rewards to help motivate you and ensure that you’re doing everything you can to achieve your goals. She can be a coach, pushing you on when you don’t believe you’ve got it in yourself to continue. She can be a sympathetic listening ear or a strict drillmaster, depending on what it is that you need at any given time.

Ultimately, though, it’s the caring D/s relationship itself that provides the most help in these kinds of situations. You want to please your Mistress, yes? By sticking to your plans and achieving your goals, you will please her, and that, for nearly sub, is plenty of motivation to do what needs to be done.


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