Domination and Femdom Phone Sex Sessions
2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


Toll Free Number: 800-356-6169

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The only real way to know what it takes to please your Femdom is to know her. So what does it take to please this Empress? You need to understand that I am a woman who believes I only need confidence, communication, and mutual respect to be successfully dominant. I am a Sensual Domme who most often uses a soft touch and encouragement to seduce a man; therein lies my control. To please me a submissive or pet, as I like to refer to you all, should be open to exploring his submissive desires and having his limits pushed.

Whether you want to totally submit to a beautiful woman or just give up control on a temporary basis and enjoy the thrill of a fantasy, it is necessary for you to trust me and be open to a thorough exploration of your submissive side. It is likely you are a man in a position of power, and you have decided to come here today to leave the stress of your life and responsibilities at the door and give in to the control of a powerful, sexy woman. Are you curious about being bound and left helpless, about being teased and given an uncertain sensation where your happy ending is concerned? Or maybe you are curious about the thought of being emasculated through anal play or feminization....

If you allow yourself to trust me and you share with me what you truly desire, I can take you to that arousing and perhaps shocking place that you long to be. Give me a call... I will spin a fantasy for you based on what I believe you need, and in return you can prove yourself to me and become part of my collection of admiring pets.